About Us

STÄRKEN Introduction

STÄRKEN is a registered business entity formed to provide various kinds of services in the field of CGD business and ERP implementation.

STÄRKEN was conceptualized by a team of Professionals to provide specialized services in the areas of CGD business, Supply Chain Management and ERP implementation. The team has long experience in various functions like design development, vendor development, quality assurance , construction , Contracts and Procurement , engineering services and Safety management . They were closely involved in various phases of CGD development in the country. They have extensive hands on experience in implementation of ERP software to suit customer’s requirements. They also have excellent exposure in local & global sourcing.

CGD Services

We provide specialized services for various areas of CGD business. Our team has extensive experience in all the functions of CGD business which include Engineering , Design , HSSE, Project management, procurement & Quality management.

SCM Services

Based on long experience and contacts with various manufacturers and contractors, STÄRKEN has strategic advantage in managing supply chain services for CGD companies for cost effective component supply .

ERP Implementation

Wiith working in ERP environment and being involved in ERP implementation projects;our company provide various kinds of service as implementation partners and help customers getting into ERP for managing their business more effectively.

Legal Standing

The Company has obtained required legal registrations. Their GST Reg. No. is 24ABKPD0983A1Z6 and Import Export Certificate No.is ABKPD0983A.

Key Personnel

Mr. Sanjeev H. Desai , Head - Business Dev. Previously worked with Gujarat Gas , Reliance Ind. and Larsen & Toubro. Total experience – 28 Years

Mr. Ruchir B. Upadhyay, Head – Technical Services . Previously worked with Garden Engineering and Gujarat Gas – 32 Years

Currently the company is actively involved in sourcing of key components for CGD installations from National and Inter-national leading players.


Vision is to enhance Small and Mid Scale Organization’s digitization experience by providing effective ERP Solution


Mission is to provide a minimum 5 ERP Solution in each of these three verticals, 1. FMCG 2. Manufacturing and 3. Food & Beverages.